Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beaded Away

Tell me why I got on a kick?!? and now, I must say, I am liking the beading, it is not so bad.  Thanks to all of you lovely friends, I have gotten some great ideas on ways to handle the beads.  I put them in a little tupperware with a lid.  I can store my floss in there, too!!  Anyway, here is my progress.  I finished the birdhouse and the snowman's hat.  Tomorrow I will start on the snowman himself.

I did some of the beading wrong.  It was supposed to go flat, but I could not figure out how to do that.  It looks good anyway.  Least DH thinks so!  hahahaha. 

I also have my cauldron started.  I didnt take a pic of that.  Its only a few lines of black, so boring.

Well I am off to read!  I am reading a great book called "Room" by Emma Donohue.  It is about a woman who was kidnapped and gives birth to a boy and they are trapped in this room.  It is all from the child's perspective.  It is really a good book.  Check it out. 


SoCal Debbie said...

That looks really good so far. Have fun with the beads!

ollie1976 said...

Great job with the beads-don't envy you at all! :)

mrsxmw said...

Very cute hugs Debbie N.S.

Nancy M said...

Glad you are enjoying working with the beads. I have loved MH things for years!