Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Work

I finally got off my lazy butt and took some pics.  Now I didnt say good pics, just pics, of my work.  Let's see where shall we begin.  I guess my two biggest projects I have ever done.  The Buddha was like my first real crosstitch i've done. 

Next are two of my favorites, my geishas and my teapot

arent my geishas cute!!!  and i love teapots.  i know they are all wrinkly.  i am not the best framer.  and i cut the teapot wonky.  I am looking to learn new ways to frame and the wonderful ladies in I love Crosstitch are teaching me what they do.

Here are some finishes.  My cat one.  Which I am thinking of raffling off (but i used the charms), and my home blessing.

Here is what I am working on now.  My progress.  I am not far from finished. 
Besides crosstitch I also love to do primitive stitching.  Here are my pilows:

and two I have hanging:

Well that is it.  I have some pieces I have done scattered here and there.  I know my mom likes to have a bunch of what I make, so some are there, some are in drawers.  I just throw them wherever, and that is not good.  I have to think of a better way to go about them.

Till later,


Meari said...

Great projects. Love the geishas!

Nancy M said...

Very nice cross stitch and pillows. The more that you frame and finish things, the better you get. Don't be afraid to try new things. There are tons of tutorials out there to help you.

grannystitches said...

I love your stitching where did you find that Buddha pattern I adore it! Keep up the great stitching. Kim kimanncurry@yahoo.com

Claudette497 said...

Your sewing is wonderful! The geishas are my favorite, too!

Jennifer Wright said...

I love the geishas!!! They came in a magazine. A british one I can try to dig up for anyone who wants.

The buddha, believe it or not comes from DMC. I made that for my hubby.

Sophos said...

hello !
J'aime beaucoup tes réalisations !
Surtout ton Welcomme aux nichoirs ;-))) Trop beau !

Belle journée à toi !


Loubna said...

j'adore ton budha !! il est magnifique!! j'aurais aimé avoir la grille si tu peux me dire quel en est le créateur!! merci et bravo encore pour tes belles réalisations!!

meli.mrtz said...

Great pics, where did you get the Buddha chart? It looks so cool? Meli.mrtz@yahoo.com