Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beading, What????

I started my snowman, yes it is 2am.  I am on a stitching frenzy.  I love stitching on paper.  I hate doing the beading.  I am going to finish this dang it. 

I am thinking I should start something else with it.  One of the ladies in I love crosstiching is doing a wedding sampler that was a free pattern.  This is it:

I really like it.  I am thinking, maybe just maybe this should be my next project.  But then Im a copy cat.  lol.

Or I could do the little one I made up.  I will post a pic of that later.  Too lazy to go and take a pic now.  It is 2am you know!!  I could go through my stash, lord knows I have tons of stash.  But wait, I started beading again, jewelry and bookmarks, so they are blocking my stash box.  Ugh, that means cleaning up.  Soooo....hmmmmm.........maybe i will quickly do part of the pattern I made up, I realize i hate the top.  So I will do the cauldron and bubbles.  Then I will do the sampler.  Done, Thank you!  LOL!!! 

I really need sleep


Mel said...

It's a lovely sampler and I don't think it's copycating at all! Hope to see progress pictures.

chrisstitches said...

Like this pattern.chris b

SoCal Debbie said...

Very nice wedding sampler! Go ahead and stitch it!

Jennifer Wright said...

thanks guys. I think I will!!!!

Meari said...

I'm not a big fan of beading either. A few beads is fine, but the Mill Hill Kits... no thanks, lol. They are pretty if others do them.

That's a pretty sampler.

Jennifer Wright said...

Meari, I know what you mean!! That pattern is a free one!!