Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Cauldron

Yay, I finished my latest Little piece.  I did it on such little fabric with such tiny holes it took me forever it seems.  I am going to work on my  croak piece again, finally.  I havent worked on it in months.  I hope to finish that one soon too so i can start my bigger piece and another small thing a friend sent me.

Here is my latest Finish:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I did it!!!

I finished my Mill Hill Beaded Ornament.  I loved it.  I know I know, I complained at first, but didn't I get it done fast!!  I went looking for more of them, but of course being broke, I can't get a new one.  But here is the finished product:

I cut a little bit of the side so it may fall apart.  ugh!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Which to Choose

I want to start a bigger project, well big for me, and I am not sure which pattern I want to make.  I love them all.  I also found out i have a ton of leaflets that I don't need. So I will be giving those away slowly.  But back to this topic.  Here are the four I have lowered my biggie down to:

Then there was another big witchy one i have, but id rather do little witchy ones for now.  But the other big one is for fall.  UGH.  So many decisions.  I DID NOT even LOOK as the kits I have. LOL.  Maybe I should.  I know I have geisha kits.  Maybe that means I should start another one other then a geisha.  So the house or the tea tray.  I am leaning towards the house maybe?  Its just so cutesy!

What does everyone think?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beaded Away

Tell me why I got on a kick?!? and now, I must say, I am liking the beading, it is not so bad.  Thanks to all of you lovely friends, I have gotten some great ideas on ways to handle the beads.  I put them in a little tupperware with a lid.  I can store my floss in there, too!!  Anyway, here is my progress.  I finished the birdhouse and the snowman's hat.  Tomorrow I will start on the snowman himself.

I did some of the beading wrong.  It was supposed to go flat, but I could not figure out how to do that.  It looks good anyway.  Least DH thinks so!  hahahaha. 

I also have my cauldron started.  I didnt take a pic of that.  Its only a few lines of black, so boring.

Well I am off to read!  I am reading a great book called "Room" by Emma Donohue.  It is about a woman who was kidnapped and gives birth to a boy and they are trapped in this room.  It is all from the child's perspective.  It is really a good book.  Check it out. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Finishes, A Pattern I Made, & a Giveaway!!!

Hi Everyone,  I want to first say thank you for following me!!!  WOW 17 people!!!  I thought no one would care!!!

Anyway, I finished my salem stitchery:

Instead of the color they said to use, I picked a dark gray I had in my stash so I didnt have to buy another for the words and border.

Here is a pattern I drew up and am working on now.  I am only doing the cauldron and bubbles though:

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY YAY!!  I will prob have too many of these.  The pattern I am giving away is by Val's Stitchin Stuff.  It is the cat one I made.  Now I know the buttons are used, but there are two patterns on this leaflet, and one doesnt use the buttons and the other you can just get heart and cat button for.  Here is a pic of the patterns:

The Way I will do this is that anyone who is interested in this pattern please leave a response saying so.  Then On Monday I will put everyones name in a bowl and have hubby take a paper.  sound fair? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beading, What????

I started my snowman, yes it is 2am.  I am on a stitching frenzy.  I love stitching on paper.  I hate doing the beading.  I am going to finish this dang it. 

I am thinking I should start something else with it.  One of the ladies in I love crosstiching is doing a wedding sampler that was a free pattern.  This is it:

I really like it.  I am thinking, maybe just maybe this should be my next project.  But then Im a copy cat.  lol.

Or I could do the little one I made up.  I will post a pic of that later.  Too lazy to go and take a pic now.  It is 2am you know!!  I could go through my stash, lord knows I have tons of stash.  But wait, I started beading again, jewelry and bookmarks, so they are blocking my stash box.  Ugh, that means cleaning up.  Soooo....hmmmmm.........maybe i will quickly do part of the pattern I made up, I realize i hate the top.  So I will do the cauldron and bubbles.  Then I will do the sampler.  Done, Thank you!  LOL!!! 

I really need sleep

I Framed Some, in a Way

So I took the advice of the ladies on the board, and this is what I they look like:

Ok so goddess bless is crooked, but it wouldnt be homemade without the snags. 

I also now have a blister on my thumb from the friggin glue gun...OUCH!!!!

My Little Darlings

These are the two most special people in my life.  My niece and nephew, Lilia, and Waldan.  I don't have any children, but even if I did, I don't think I could love them as much as i love these two!!!

Thank you for flipping them Meari!!!!!!! LOL!!
Much Love and Many Blessings,

My Work

I finally got off my lazy butt and took some pics.  Now I didnt say good pics, just pics, of my work.  Let's see where shall we begin.  I guess my two biggest projects I have ever done.  The Buddha was like my first real crosstitch i've done. 

Next are two of my favorites, my geishas and my teapot

arent my geishas cute!!!  and i love teapots.  i know they are all wrinkly.  i am not the best framer.  and i cut the teapot wonky.  I am looking to learn new ways to frame and the wonderful ladies in I love Crosstitch are teaching me what they do.

Here are some finishes.  My cat one.  Which I am thinking of raffling off (but i used the charms), and my home blessing.

Here is what I am working on now.  My progress.  I am not far from finished. 
Besides crosstitch I also love to do primitive stitching.  Here are my pilows:

and two I have hanging:

Well that is it.  I have some pieces I have done scattered here and there.  I know my mom likes to have a bunch of what I make, so some are there, some are in drawers.  I just throw them wherever, and that is not good.  I have to think of a better way to go about them.

Till later,

New Blog YAY

I decided I did not like the name of my other blog. So I made a whole new one. my old blog is --

there is info there on what i am working on. but i will be putting up more pics on this one. yay!!